Search Engine Optimization Courses 

Web positioning is one of the most important areas when starting up an online business. Professionals must know the tools to improve and not get stuck with what they have developed during the last months.

The marketing professional not only t has to know the possibilities offered by online. This is just one of the pieces that build an extensive network of new tools that the Internet offers on a daily basis and that do not stop increasing in number and in utilities.

Internet is an extensive battlefield between companies, products and services. Therefore, it is essential that web pages have all the guarantees so that leads can recognize them within their area of interest when they access the main search engines, In the case of Spain, Google is the search engine used by most of the consumers.


When the consumer wants to buy a product or a service, they pay attention to those indexed among the first positions, and the rest of the results do not usually have a large click rate. Therefore, they do not exist in the eyes of the consumer. Not many consumers take the time to review the other results: time is of the essence nowadays and your position in a search engine is key when it comes to increasing sales and growing your business.

At Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, we will provide the user with the basic and advanced concepts of organic positioning in search engines, in order for you to optimize your website from the beginning and for you to realize how it improves your visibility while being trained by us. We will also provide you with the indispensable tools to perform a suitable web positioning, as well as skills to learn how to use data analysis tools and keyword searches.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we know the importance for companies to be competitive from the start at all levels. Therefore, we offer a package of courses adapted to all levels and in all areas.

We are aware that nowadays the training offer has to be adapted to potential students. Due to the dizzying pace of life of online workers, we offer a series of solutions adapted to all schedules without losing quality in teaching.


We have extensive experience in teaching at institutions such as ESIC, ICEMD, EEN and CESMA. We have a team of teachers who have at their disposal the latest web positioning knowledge to offer a series of breakthrough training courses and updated material. The main supporters of our company are the students who have completed our courses and who have managed to reach the top positions and increase their profitability.