This discipline is one of the most critical of our online user-centered strategy. Web design includes all those actions directed to the image of the portal, so that the user can easily browse and always find what they are looking for. If links are inappropriately located on your page and there is an excessive amount of information, the brand image can be negatively affected.

On the contrary, an optimized user-centered web design manages to increase the recruitment of new clients and retain the loyal customers.


  • Increasing in contacts.
  • Brand improvement.
  • Reduction of support-derived costs.
  • Increasing in productivity and achieved goals.
  • Loyalty to our current customers. 


Web design is one of the services offered by Top10 Digital Marketing. It consists of optimizing the visibility of your company, institution or brand in the network of networks through the development or optimization of your website.

A corporate website is not only developed to inform the consumer or customer about the offer of certain products or services. A well-designed web page is one of the most useful and communicative tools that exist when making space for the branding universe.

A website’s architecture, colors, texts, images or forms transmit to those who visit the webpage certain values ​​and sensations, those that are intrinsic to its brand and the way your company works. In short, web design is one of the aspects that generate your company or institution different from others that offer similar products or services to those you provide to the consumer.


A well-designed website brings significant benefits for a company, which translates into an increase in ROI.

One of the most relevant web design effects is related to positioning: a well-built and quality corporate page will be better positioned in Google, in such a way that whenever a user or lead searches the network for a specific term related to your company or to the products or services it offers, they will find your page among the first search results.

The psychological aspect is also highly relevant. If the page was designed taking into account the profile of the consumer to whom it is targeted, it will be easier to retain the leads and, therefore, there will be greater possibilities to increase your billing and online reputation.


Our work philosophy is ruled with quality and excellence. Therefore, each webpage designed by Top10 Digital Marketing shows the detailed work made by our professionals, a team that analyzes the situation of your company or institution, the values you desire to associate with your brand and logo, the objectives you pursue and the manner in which you want to achieve them.


Each company is different. Therefore, at TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we do not believe in ‘prefab designs’, but in the originality of each project. Texts, images, colors and other content are exclusively created for you and your company, which is a challenge and motivation for our designers.

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