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The web pages or landing pages are pages optimized and tested to increase the profitability of an advertisement that a user usually reaches after having clicked on a link, a banner, an advertisement or an ad in Google Adwords.

The main objective of a “Web Pages” is to increase the conversion between users who visit this page by converting them into contacts of potential customers. The main advantage of exceptional design and optimization of the “Web Pages” is to increase the profitability and effectiveness of our marketing campaigns by increasing the return on investment of each of our customers.

There is always something may be improved on the “Web Page” to have success with our campaigns on the Internet to increase profitability and not optimizing it adequately implies an opportunity cost. From TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we carry out continuous optimization tests to ensure that our customers have the most profitable web for their campaigns.


The ‘Landing Pages’ are those pages that are optimized and tested so that the client can increase the profitability of their ads, these pages appear when a user arrives after having clicked on the link of some of the ads located on other web pages. In most of the cases, these landing pages are an extension of a promotion advertisement in which the consumer can read in more detail the offer of the product or service to which he wants to access.


The online environment has become one of the most important sectors for any business that wants to have a profitable level of sales in the short-medium term. With a well-established platform and a good campaign within the sector you can increase sales considerably and even expand the business in an unimaginable way. For this reason, it is necessary to have a competent online advertising strategy carried out by authentic professionals of the sector.

The development of a good design and a good optimization of this ‘Landing Page’ can considerably increase the profitability and efficiency of the marketing campaigns, allowing the increase in the return on investment of each one of the clients.


From TOP10 Digital Online Marketing, a detailed study is realized about the situation of each client and the appropriate measures are adopted so that the products or services that are to be promoted have an optimized and tested advertisement so that they do not have any kind of problem.

After checking that the ad groups are in perfect condition and they are appropriate for that campaign, we proceed to the design and development of an appropriate ‘landing page’ for each of the products. In this way, TOP10 Digital Marketing Online customers will appreciate how the development of a good ‘landing page’ can attract a large number of consumers.


TOP10 Digital Marketing Online has more than ten years of experience in the field of Online Marketing, so our professionals can carry out detailed and individualized research on the situation of each customer to create the best possible campaign. In addition, the designers of TOP10 Digital Marketing Online will do an absolute job with the design of the ‘landing page’ that will attract consumer’s attention.