Web analytics is one of the sectors that has been growing in recent times and has become a thriving professional discipline that measures the users’ behavior within the Internet. The implementation of various training strategies within this area will increase the profitability of companies and will allow much better-segmented marketing campaigns, since you will know your customers almost in detail.

Web analytics experts have become one of the most important allies for all those companies that decide to have a broad online presence and are obliged to search and include this series of new profiles in their organizations. Companies have to update their staff of professionals to not be left behind in the fight for profitability.


Professionals who are trained to specialize in Web Analytics will be able to understand and manage the sale, measurement of results, optimization and consumer loyalty tools. Therefore, all those who receive our training offer will become real experts in this sector.

With this training, students will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to control marketing objectives, key metrics or the important customer loyalty.

Likewise, students will become real specialists in web analytics, metrics, analytical strategies, business opportunities, ROI measurement and much more, and will enter the future of the online world with the help of the best professionals in the sector and authentic experts who work in the most important companies in the country.


AT TOP10 Digital Marketing Online we are aware of the need that professionals of different companies have to maintain continuous training, especially in today’s era in which authentic disruptive changes occur every so often. Therefore, we adapt to all the schedules and all the needs that our users have.

Our main objective is to be totally flexible in order to provide our students with the best offers and obtain quality training specifically designed for each of the cases. Many people have decided to embark on our training system and have obtained a satisfactory experience that they have applied immediately and successfully.


At  TOP10 Digital Marketing Online we have extensive experience in teaching at prestigious institutions such as ESIC, ICEMD, EEN and CESMA. We have at our disposal a team of teachers who have extensive experience within their sectors and who have at hand the latest knowledge in Web Analytics, so that students can benefit from adapted training courses and with a material that can be applied from day one.

The main supporters of our training offer are those students who have completed our courses and who, thanks to this training, have managed to increase their profitability and make the most of their marketing campaigns.