Web Analytics refers to the collection, measurement, evaluation and explanation of a series of online data aiming to understand and optimize the use of the website of a company the best possible way.

A web analytics consultancy firm collects all the information provided by the companies, in addition to researching and obtaining their own data, to present a series of reports that will allow seeing the trajectory of the company within the web scope and the possible improvement section.


Web analytics is a critical part of the online marketing world, as it makes it easier for companies to interpret all the data collected, as well as focusing them on the specific strategies of the business in question.

Therefore, a web analytics consultancy firm can increase the profitability of the business through only a detailed analysis of the obtained data, which will allow acting according to the conclusions reached with the collected information.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we conduct various audits and analyze the data obtained by customers. To collect this data, we use measurement tools as prominent as Google Analytics and we can facilitate the interpretation of the data of users who visit the web.

Making the right decisions after collecting all the information is not an easy task, it must be done in a scrupulous and very detailed way. Professionals at TOP10 Digital Marketing Online have extensive experience and specific training in interpreting the data and provide a series of detailed reports to customers.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we have been carrying out web analytics consulting for more than a decade and we have a large number of professionals accredited by the main tools and service providers in the field. We have several success stories that, due to our professionals’ work, were able to see their profits increase in a relatively short period of time. In a nutshell, TOP10 Digital Marketing Online is the best option when performing web analytics consulting tasks

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