Tourism is one of the key segments of the economy in Spain where many citizens from other countries come to in search of its geographical or gastronomic wealth. Its pleasant weather is one of Spain’s best allies when it comes to receiving these waves of tourists that visit it every year with the arrival of the sun.

For the whole tourism sector, the Internet is one of the most important assets in recent times: There is a large number of websites which buy and sell the best travel plans for vacations, others rate the accommodation and allow users to comment all their experience in order for other users to enjoy like them or do not have their bad experience. In a nutshell, the tourism sector and new technologies go hand in hand since a few years ago.


An excellent online reputation is paramount in the tourist world. Consumers are very reluctant to take a trip or stay in a hotel without first asking for opinions from other consumers who have stayed there before. The visibility that a specific destination, a hotel or a restaurant can have thanks to good online communication and a positive reputation is very high, which translates into an increase in profits and an exponential growth of the business.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing we are aware of the importance of online reputation for tourism. Therefore, we meet with our customers to establish a series of guidelines to be carried out so that both the web and everything that is said about the business on the Internet is positive. We work together with our customers so that the project they have in mind becomes a reality by complying with the appropriate online standards.


We are endorsed by our longer than ten years of experience in the online marketing sector, which guarantees that all of the projects that our customers have in mind can be executed in a specific time and with a minimum investment. Grupo Genyen Marketing Online has a large number of professionals with extensive experience in this sector and with constant training. Contacting us to increase sales with a minimum investment is a great option to avoid negative online experiences.