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In ToP10 Digital Marketing we are experts in Search Engine Marketing, since 1999 developing business on the Internet. When Google arrived in Spain in 2002, we were waiting for it. In 2003 we carried out the first experiments in search engine positioning and a year later in 2004 we obtained our first terms positioned as nº1 in the results of Google. Today there are already more than 3400 terms ranked as nº1 in the search engine at a national and international level. Web Positioning is an art that combines technology, experience, intuition and a lot of training. For that reason, from Genyen Group we allocate a large part of our benefits to the continuous training of our experts in search engine positioning.


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Search engine marketing is the set of strategies aimed at increasing the branding and ROI of a company or institution that wants to enter the online field. In this sense, it is essential that when you intend to start a project within the web sector should be considered to search engines as one of the key elements when positioning. There are many search engines in the network but without any doubt and as the statistics indicate, Google is the most used and important in the world. Google was born at the end of the nineties; Until then, all search engines that existed ordered their search results depending on what the promoters or those responsible for those results (web pages, logs, etc.) had paid for it. Fortunately Google arrived and with it the organic search, that is, the drastic separation between online content and online advertising content. The hegemonic search engine par excellence brought with it a new system for ordering results, a system called Page Rank that evaluates and scores the importance of websites or their quality among other variables. Depending on the score that each site obtains, it will appear better or worse positioned among the results of Google without any investment of economic resources.
Google also offers the possibility to advertise thanks to its Adwords system, which makes it easier for companies to create and publish ads in the search engine with the peculiarity of appearing separated from the results of the organic or generic search.


The 21st century has brought with it new ways of buying and consuming and, therefore, also of advertising. The statistics point to a vertiginous growth of electronic commerce during the coming years. What seemed like a distant idea has become a reality.

It is no coincidence that the multinationals of the Large Distribution are quick to establish their portals and other applications to facilitate online shopping for their customers. The future is e-commerce and, the company that does not understand it in a society like the current one, is doomed to failure.


If you have decided that the time has come to make a hole in the network of networks, the best option is to hire the services that we offer from TOP10 Digital Marketing Online. We are backed by more than ten years of experience in the world of digital marketing, and our team has a long experience in aspects such as online reputation, SEO, competition analysis, social marketing or web analytics among many others.