what is a SEM CONSULTING firm?

A SEM consultancy firm is a company that offers advice and information to other companies or institutions about everything related to the ‘Search Engine Marketing’.

In a somewhat broader sense, SEM is the set of advertising and marketing tools and strategies that allow a company to advertise, through economic payment, both in the Google search engine and in the rest of the services that this multinational company offers its users (YouTube, Play Store, etc.).


SEM is the ultimate option for all those companies wishing to increase their branding, the number of visits to their website and the number of leads and current customers quickly and efficiently. In exchange for a monthly budget that can vary depending on the proposed objectives, your company can appear in a privileged place in Google search every time a user searches for a term related to the products or services sold by your company.

But Google’s search engine is not the only site on the network where your company’s campaigns or advertising may appear. YouTube and other Google platforms can also show your ads in order for users to become leads.


SEM, which is run by a Google tool called ‘AdWords’, allows you to target advertising campaigns based on the language, keywords or geographical location among others. The versatility offered by this online marketing tool that you can get your campaign to the population niche you want and segment or redirect the campaign in real-time towards other objectives.

Each campaign, advert, product or company are different. At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we analyze each objective that our clients intended to achieve in a detailed manner and materialize a powerful response in the shortest possible time.


Managing SEM not only means knowing the AdWords tool and its use, but also it requires a series of analyzes and previous reflections and high knowledge in online marketing. If you want to optimize your investment in SEM, trust your project to TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, because our highly-qualified professionals not only know each secret that AdWords hides, but also there are experts in advertising and online marketing. In short, it is about launching a successful quality advertising campaign for the online market. Who better to achieve it than a company with lots of successes for more than a decade?

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