Social Media is an Anglo-Saxon expression that refers to the new communication platforms that the Internet makes available to its users to publish, edit and exchange all kinds of information content.

Social Media constitute a new means of mass communication and, therefore, a new way in which to materialize marketing strategies and actions that will reach a global and objective audience. That is why it is said that Social Media is a significant part of online marketing since it manages to increase branding and consequently the income of your company or brand with a low investment of resources.

Content Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Making social networks an easy task is not a matter of journalism, writers, or public relations, but an effective social networking strategy. See more

Community Manager

Getting an investment return from the tasks of Community Manager, social networks are not to entertain, are to build loyalty as well as to sell. See more

Viral Marketing

Creativity is the basis of virality, get a little media impact with little money in this case, want is not power, and you have to know. See more

Content Marketing/blog

The contents of the Blog are not written by inspiration, study that your customers, consumers, what they are interested, and these contents will obtain visits and results. See more

¿How Can They Help You?

The digital divide is decreasing in the western world. The connections to the network are no longer as scarce as it was at the end of the 20th century and day after day the number of consumers with Internet access increases.

As the specialists point out, the term ‘smartphone’ will soon be replaced by ‘telephone’ due to the large presence of these terminals among consumers. The Internet is in the palm of many users who consult search engines and social networks references or terms that could have to do with the products or services that you market through a company or brand. Are you going to risk being invisible in a society full of Internet users?

One of the greatest advantages that arise from the use of Social Media is that they extend the impact of advertising, that is, they promote, like no other means of mass communication, word of mouth or buzz marketing. In addition to that fact, we must add other factors, such as the scarce economic investment that requires the publication of corporate content on the network, or the increasingly participative and interactive audiences that these new means of communication possess.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is that consumers of information prefer to consult free digital media before conventional ones that tend to be paid.


The most used Social Media are social networks such as Facebook, blogs or blogs, micro blogging such as Twitter or any other online platform that allows the publication and exchange of multimedia content. At Top10 Digital Marketing Online, we take care of each of the spaces created within the Social Media with the objective that your company, brand or institution reaches a wider and participative audience.


Interaction is an important aspect to take care of, that’s why we generate the content of value and quality that promotes the participation of the target audience and the exchange of ideas. Thus, we monitor the presence of your brand or company in the network offering objective results that allow you to restructure your actions and online marketing strategies.

At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we combine the knowledge that gives us the experience in the online marketing sector with the good work and knowledge of our team, a group of professionals that will work with the purpose of optimizing their positive presence in the network.


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