Currently, viral DIGITAL marketing is one of the advertising strategies with which companies obtain better results. This fact is largely due to the high penetration of new technologies in current societies and in the consumer’s daily life. Viral marketing results, as if it were a computer virus, in an increase in the branding of a company, product or service through word of mouth; that is, processes of viral self-replication that are materialized through electronic means.

The Internet and mobile phones are the basic tools to give life to a good viral marketing strategy, because a video or a specific content can reach a large number of people in a very short time. However, creating a good viral marketing campaign is not easy. Not only does it require creativity, but the designer must also take into account aspects such as the target audience to which it is intended or the social environment in which it will be launched, among others.


DIGITAL marketing potential is more than proven. At Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, we believe that it is not only a new form of advertising that is born under thanks to the Internet and the communication technologies, but also represents a unique opportunity for your brand, product or service to achieve a considerable branding increase in just days or even hours.

Behind a successful viral marketing campaign, there is always a big rough idea that, after hours and hours of work, finishes polished and materialized. At Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, we offer you the specialized training that you and your company need to launch successful viral marketing campaigns.


All of our digital marketing training courses are planned by expert teachers in the field, which is why both the theoretical and practical contents, as well as the objectives and methodology, are adapted to the level and needs of your company. Each commercial sector is conditioned by an environment that does not have to be similar to the rest. If your company is dedicated to the textile sector, your viral marketing actions will be very different from those implemented, for example, by a small company that manufactures giant teddy bears. These types of conditions are taken into account when planning any of the training courses we offer.

At TOP10 DIGITAL Marketing Online, we know the online environment better than anyone, so we offer our students and clients the possibility of receiving whether face-to-face, semi-face-to-face or online training.


If you choose to receive an optimal viral marketing training that meets your expectations, your decision is related to Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, because not only have we been successfully working in online marketing for more than a decade, but we also put at your disposal the best marketing teachers who have extensive experience teaching in such important institutions such as ESIC, ICEMD, EEN and CESMA. What are you waiting for?