It’s the perfect addition to any campaign. Nowadays, the majority of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing include a series of “Sponsored links” by CPC (Cost per Click) which means that the cost is paid when the customer clicks on the ad. So, CPC is a cost model based on the payment of an amount for every click obtained from the ad.  In our Digital Agency, Top10 Digital, we design and plan your campaign in those search engines to make it more effective.

How do we work in Online Marketing?

In Top10, we have a great experience and expertise in Multichannel Online Marketing campaigns. We know in deep all the disciplines offered by Marketing in the Internet getting the maximum benefit for our clients’ online businesses. Online Marketing 360 is what can be defined as the application of all the digital strategies to optimize your business: web analytics, social media marketing, and email marketing, online reputation, among others.


Are you looking for an expert in digital marketing who can help your business grow? Stop looking! Top10 Digital is your Digital Marketing AgencyCommunication and Advertisement. Our Agency has landed in Dublin to offer you a wide range of services. We are a group of professionals and counsellors dedicated to our respective fields.  Top10 Marketing Online is directed by Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO expert in the field of Online Digital Marketing, director of specialized magazines in food marketing and professor in the area of Online Marketing in institutions as ESIC Business & Marketing School, ICEMD o ESTEMA, the European Business School.

Online Marketing Strategy

Our Online Marketing Strategy is based on five pillars: to draw web users to your website; to convert visits to your web into clients or leads; to retain customers loyal to your web; to convert clients into brand specifiers and to analyse data and improve every month. Our online strategies are oriented to measurable results and to make the clients’ investment profitable. We design our strategies through a Digital Marketing Plan.

Multi-channel Online Marketing in Cork

Cork is a city full of opportunities to set up your company, develop your trademark and improve your business thanks to the internationalisation of Online Companies which can expand their products to countries such as Cork. One example of the importance of business given in Cork is the Cork Business of the Year Awards 2019, which will be presented at a Gala awards evening at the Cork’s Vienna Woods Hotel on Saturday 22nd February 2020. The main purpose of these awards as it said in its web page is “recognising and rewarding the fabulous businesses and individuals who are working diligently across many sectors and who all contribute to our wonderful city.” In fact, an innovation will take place this year: the introduction of a brand new category to the Cork Business of the Year Awards, “Best in Digital Award 2019”. This emphasizes the importance of online business given in Cork.

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