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Mobile Marketing is the set of strategies applied to materialize in mobile devices and intended to market and stimulate demand in the consumer or user of certain products or services.

All promotions and advertising campaigns or corporate communication that are carried out through digital systems dependent on mobile terminals, such as text and multimedia messages, applications or even phone calls, are part of this type of marketing.

Likewise, actions that start from a conventional means of communication, but that are completed thanks to the consumer’s mobile phone or tablet, are found in mobile marketing. Therefore, all those radio, television or press campaigns that invite the user to participate in promotions, sweepstakes or contests through the mobile device, are also Mobile Marketing campaigns.

APP development

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Mobile advertising

How many hours do we spend in front of our mobile phones? Mobile advertising has become one of the most effective strategies.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing Mobile OR Marketing for mobile devices, it is nothing less than developing a project for these devices with a well- defined Marketing strategy


Mobile Marketing is an important part of online marketing for various reasons, but the most relevant one is, hands down, the increasing prominence of both terminals and mobile apps. According to the report ‘Holiday Shopper Survey 2014’ prepared by the consultancy company Baynote, 70% of consumers use their device to learn about products and brands, while 34% use the mobile app of the brand or company to make a purchase.

The use of the smartphone has become so popular lately that it no longer makes sense to call it any other way than a mobile phone. Almost all consumers have a 24-hour-a- day open window to the Internet in the palm of their hands, which is the most important reason to think that Mobile Marketing is one of the best current advertising options.


Whenever a customer contacts with TOP10 Digital Marketing Online for advice and the launch of a Mobile Marketing campaign, our team of professionals starts a new, unique and original project. At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, each project is different, since the work is not mechanized. Our creative team and specialists will create and materialize a campaign or promotion that is born out of the exchange of ideas and impressions.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we believe in the constant and quality work of our experienced human team, because we know these ingredients guarantee the success of a marketing campaign. Our ten years of experience in the sector make us the best option for your company or brand if you want to increase its value through the use of new mobile systems.

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