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Mobile Advertising is the set of communication strategies and propaganda techniques of a commercial nature that are developed through mobile devices (tablets, phones, etc.) with the aim of increasing knowledge and consumption of a particular product or service.

The first Mobile Advertising campaigns emerged in the mid-nineties, when the first mobile communication devices appeared. Currently, Mobile Advertising has acquired wider dimensions due to technological developments and the growing demand for new smart mobile devices. Moreover, this type of advertising is no longer limited to the sending of text or multimedia messages, but takes advantage of the versatility offered by new mobile technologies, such as applications (App), social networks or connection to the network.

How Can We Help You?

This type of advertising fits within the online marketing sector and is very effective when combined with other types of advertising or marketing actions or strategies, since it helps to extend the echo of your brand, company or institution in the virtual area, as well as to increase the return on investment.

There are many statistics that indicate that users who use mobile phones to interact with brands, among other activities, are becoming more frequent. In this sense, Mobile Advertising can make information about your products or services appear in the palm of any user or potential consumer, regardless of the geographical location in which it is located.

In a global world, the company, institution or brand that does not claim a place in the online world will hardly exist in the eyes of a consumer increasingly absorbed in the new information and communication technologies.

How Do We Do IT?

Mobile Advertising, like the rest of marketing strategies and actions, is a form of communication, and as such, it needs to be worked from a market analysis that depends on other disciplines such as statistics, economics, psychology, anthropology or sociology among others.

At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online we work each Mobile Advertising campaign in a personalized manner, because what we are dealing with is to achieve the commercial objectives in the most profitable way possible, optimizing each of the resources and strengths that your company or institution possesses. the development of an appropriate message to its potential customers or consumers.

Why Us?

At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online we provide advice to all types of companies and institutions that want to launch a Mobile Advertising campaign or an application to increase branding and ROI. For this reason, we have the best team of advertising creatives, IT and content managers, professionals backed by more than ten years of experience that will make your Mobile Advertising campaign a success.