Advertising in the media is one that is carried out through the mass media (television, radio, print media, etc.). Advertising in the media is directly affected by the audiences that have each of the platforms used to place it.

Between media and advertising, there is a kind of very special symbiosis, since advertising needs media audiences and the media needs the financing of advertising. For this reason, the media strives to have the largest possible audience to, in this way, get advertisers who are willing to pay a higher amount to place their ads on Prime Time.


The key for a company to increase its sales is to be visible to as many potential consumers as possible. Advertising in conventional media allows an item or a service to be located in the daily routine of consumers and this echoes that it exists. It seems something of a truism, but many companies are not aware that media advertising is still important when planning campaigns, you have to hold a large number of professionals so that the consumer is attracted to the product.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we are aware that each of our clients is a different world, for this reason, we carry out individualized and detailed campaigns for each one of them.

First of all, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the product or service that we want to offer, then we will make a detailed report of the actions that we will have in the near future, always with the client present so that you can appreciate the initiatives that will be carried out finished. Finally, everything agreed in the hand of real professionals of the sector will be put into practice.


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