what is  market research?

Consumer Insight refers to the hidden aspects of the manner in which consumers think, feel or act. This kind of behavior allows brands to generate opportunities for new products and strategies aimed at a specific target and communication campaigns with almost guaranteed success.

Marketing took over the word ‘Insight’, which comes from psychology and is used when the psychotherapist clearly understands a patient’s problem after several sessions. That moment in which the therapist understands the causes and motivations of the problem is called ‘Insight’.

Within the marketing scope, the ‘Consumer Insight’ is responsible for identifying the consumer’s behavior patterns, so that it is able to understand in advance the consumer’s needs, motivations and wishes to achieve success when launching a product.

how can WE help you?

Knowing in advance the consumers’ behaviors, desires and needs are one of the biggest challenges of any company. Having this detailed information, advertising campaigns may be successfully developed and articles focused mainly on solving these questions can be created.

Having this reliable information allows any company to develop an efficient campaign and to increase its profitability. If they know what consumers want, they can offer it and expressly go to that specific target with an ad that activates all the exact keys: the information that ‘Consumer Insight’ can provide is key when carrying out a successful campaign.

how do we do it?

At Top10 Digital Marketing, we are aware that each customer is unlike. First and foremost, we carry out a detailed analysis of the customer’s products or services and we deliver a detailed report with all the relevant information.

After performing this task, which is key when establishing any online campaign, we present the factors corresponding to the ‘Consumer Insight’ that can be valuable for that type of service or specific product. After a first assessment, we continue with the research and development work until completing an efficient and profitable campaign that takes advantage of all the factors of the customer and the target consumer.


Choosing Top10 Digital Marketing means selecting a company with longer than ten years of experience in the sector. We have realized several successful projects and we have a wide range of professionals with a long career in each of the specialties.

When a client decides on ‘Consumer Insight’, they have to take into account the company that offers it has to possess the means and the appropriate training for it. The use of ‘Consumer Insight’ is effective provided that it is used correctly. Therefore, bad use of this technique can bring awful results to companies.

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