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Times have changed. Today’s mass media is very different from that of the early 20th century, and more and more online media are gaining ground to physical media. The written press is a good example of this. In fact, there is a small percentage of people who still buy the physical newspaper, which has resulted in the closure of many physical headlines and an identity crisis understood as a break with the traditional conception of the press.

Nowadays, not only are there online newspapers and magazines, but also many radio stations and television channels have decided to have space on the Internet to have greater visibility for the media consumer. The advancement of technology has had consequences that affect the forms of communication, the ways citizens inform themselves. A means of communication that does not adapt to the new demands of the consumer, is a means doomed to failure.


Whether it is an existing physical means of communication, or it is a matter of materializing a new communicational project exclusively through the Internet, you will need the support and advice of expert professionals in the online marketing sector.

If your media has physical support, the ideal is for this support to also be reflected in the online environment in order to achieve greater visibility and, therefore, a higher audience. If you have a radio station, you should keep in mind that many of your current and potential listeners will want to listen to your programming from their computer or mobile device. Keep in mind that the Internet has made the programming of a local radio, for example, reach to any citizen around the world, wherever they are. In addition, those listeners will want to interact with your announcers, inform themselves directly about your programming, etc. The Internet offers the opportunity to achieve these and other objectives.


Each means of communication has specific objectives to meet, a very defined audience, and an editorial line that affects its corporate image. Therefore, each adaptation plan for the online environment is different.

At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we analyze your physical environment or online business project in a detailed manner, and based on that analysis we develop an online communication plan. Some aspects of your means of communication we deal with in order to optimize your online media and reputation are: the corporate website of the media, creation and management of profiles in social networks, search engine positioning or online advertising of your medium communication


Each of these aspects must be worked by authentic online marketing professionals. At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we have the best team of experts who will position your media in a relevant place in the online environment and, consequently, offline as well. The success of two of the most-read publications in the country supports us. What are you waiting for?