Advertising Agency in Google Dublin

Advertising in Google is the set of ads and campaigns that are intended to motivate the consumption of a particular product, service or brand, and that use the most widely used search engine in the world, Google, as a communication support.

It was in the late nineties when Google made its appearance in the online channel. This search engine, which in appearance presented itself as one more, brought with it a series of relevant developments such as organic search, or what is the same, the radical separation between generic content and advertising content among the search results.


Before the irruption on the Internet of Google, all the searchers ordered their results in function of which the people in charge or promoters of those results had paid for it. Luckily, Google and its systems ‘Page Rank’ and ‘Adwords’ have been imposed, which means that with a little or very low investment of economic resources, you can advertise your company in one of the most used and watched media of the world, Google.

Advertising in other types of traditional mass media, such as press, radio or television, implies in most cases high costs, so that only large firms can afford the broadcast or broadcast of their ads in hours at the highest level and at the national level. In contrast, the advertising system created by Google publishes ads or advertising campaigns in an order that is not random, but born from the previous analysis of a broad set of aspects such as the quality of the text or the keywords of the ad, graphic design, geographical orientation, language, relationship with other contents of the network, etc.


Google offers you the possibility to reach a large number of users, potential customers who can create a very positive virality for you and your brand on the web, a virality that will end up strengthening and increasing the branding of your company and, consequently, also the return on investment. But to optimize the resources and tools that the search engine provides by excellence it is necessary to have specialized and experienced personnel in corporate and advertising communication.

In Grupo Genyen Marketing Online we will study your case and your company’s with the aim of creating the campaign and ads that best suit the services or products you commercialize, as well as the customer or consumer profile to which they are directed.


Any successful advertising campaign hides the hard creative work of highly qualified professionals. In the case of advertising on Google, the demands are multiplied, because aspects such as quality are even more relevant than economic investment: a company that markets services or products similar to yours can occupy a more privileged place than yours in the Google user’s screen, and this despite the fact that both companies have paid the same amount of money for appearing in that place; the key to a successful campaign in Google is quality, among other aspects.

Entrust your advertising campaign on Google to expert professionals in the online channel; in Grupo Genyen Marketing Online we are endorsed by the work of the best professionals in the country and more than ten years of success.