Email Marketing is a direct marketing method that uses email as a means of commercial communication, which is dedicated to sending messages to your audience. All those electronic messages that are sent to current or potential customers could be considered as Email Marketing.

However, this term is often used to those used to send email messages used to improve customer relationships, build loyalty and try to increase sales. One of the most important characteristics of Email Marketing is that of adding ads to email messages sent by other companies to their customers.


Email Marketing is very important because it allows companies to build loyalty to the target audience and allow them to build such important trust and credibility when building an online reputation.

With the use of Newsletters, you can create a great loyalty system to work perfectly and increase the conversion rate exponentially. The creation of an email marketing plan is very important to reach the maximum number of consumers and, in this way, you can have a considerable increase in profitability during a relatively short period of time.


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