Currently, all companies desire to address the online environment to expand their market and increase their profits. Thus, e-commerce is increasingly present among consumers and is gaining ground to physical stores. The success of this sector is so expanded that in the United States the percentage of users that buy through e-commerce already begins to surpass those who buy through the use of traditional stores.

For this reason, we should realize a series of marketing campaigns aimed at the field of e-commerce that have to have certain characteristics. It is not the same to guide a campaign to the traditional field than to do it in the online world. You have to hold a detailed analysis of the clients and the tools that will satisfy the needs of the company.


Marketing in the field of e-commerce is key when placing a product or a service in view of consumers. Without a good marketing campaign, even though the company can count on the best product in the market, consumers will not consider the option and will not know about its existence. One of the keys in the online world is to make it visible to consumers.

With the completion of a well-established e-commerce marketing campaign and the respective analysis of the results that are obtained, it can be established a detailed planning of the users and of the sectors in which it is necessary to invest to have a conversions large percentage and increase the profitability of the product or service in the shortest time possible.


From TOP10 Digital Marketing Online

Online we are aware that each of our clients comes with an established idea and wants to put it into practice, so we listen carefully and advise them, on the fly, about what would be appropriate to do with the projects they bring from home. After the first meeting, we made a detailed report of the project and the details that have to be done so that the client can check how and when this campaign will be done.


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