An online store is a form of virtual business that allows the Internet users, wherever they are, to know and to buy the products or services that your company offers through the website.

Online stores can be created with the aim of materializing a new business idea that does not depend on any existing physical business, or can be subsidiaries of a physical store. This distinction is relevant when creating the e-commerce store, since the purpose for which one or the other is created can be very different; A consecrated physical company that chooses to create an online store can have a more advertising than commercial objective, while a 100% online business not only wants to achieve advertising goals, but also economic ones through the Internet.


What is clear in both cases is the creation of an online store always brings benefits. That is why there is currently nothing that is not already commercialized by the online channel, and if it exists, it will soon be integrated into the network of networks.

With a quality and well-built online store you can, for example, get to know your customers better, to make more accurate market studies in real-time, or to segment and to create exclusive offers only for the most loyal customers or for those who live in certain geographical areas whose climatic, cultural or religious environment is more akin to the product or service that you offer. There are endless business opportunities in the network that are waiting for you to discover them


It does not imply the same tasks or analysis to create an online store that commercializes creative pastry products, than a shoe store, for example. While the creative pastry shop will only be able to market its products in the Iberian Peninsula for obvious logistical reasons, the footwear store can receive orders from all over the national territory and even from any other place in the world.

Web design, language or languages, the architecture of the page or content are essential aspects that must be taken into account when creating a quality online store. It is not enough to create a page through which the consumer can see and know their articles, but should create a space that facilitates the purchase to the consumer, who invites him to try his articles or services as it would happen in a store physical.


If you choose to create an online store, you should take the advice of the best online marketing professionals, because in the same way that you would not place the products at random in a physical store, nor would you offer them to unsuitable customers. Would you take the risk of committing those errors in a field as simple and complex as the online?

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