It is a concept used to refer to the set of activities related to the online purchase and sale of products or services.

E-commerce has become an option that in many cases replaces traditional commerce and complements it in others. In the age of information and image, the Internet offers unique opportunities to advertise your products or services. Therefore, having an online store is, more than an option, an inescapable obligation if you are intending to achieve your commercial and business objectives. Are you missing out that opportunity?


The important thing is not to create an online store, but an online business that sells, that increases its results monthly, and then create it.

Do you already have an online store but want to sell more? Do not give up. We carry out a preliminary study without commitment. Sometimes you have the tool, not the weapons./sf_iconbox]

Ecommerce Marketing

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Open Source

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In recent years, and due to cultural changes and the advancement of Social Media born under the auspices of the Internet, E-commerce has experienced considerable growth throughout the planet. It is increasingly common to find virtual stores while surfing the net that offers all kinds of products or services.

The ‘global village’ has brought with it a series of advantages that can be exploited from a business and commercial point of view. With a virtual store, any user of the network that is interested in products or services such as those you offer, be in the place of the world where you are, will have the possibility to access your portal, product descriptions or services that offer, to the images that you want them to see, etc. In this sense, E-commerce benefits from the loudspeaker that the Internet is, that’s why its branding and its benefits, could increase until reaching unsuspected levels.


Did you know that the vast majority of online stores barely reach the age of five? It is due to many reasons, but the most relevant ones have to do with the quality and maintenance of the store. A quality graphic design, a good web architecture or descriptions of the excellent products or services are aspects that will make your online store appear among the first results in the Google search engine, the most used all over the world.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we study each case in detail to materialize a unique online store idea, yours, an e-commerce platform that provides the user and potential consumer with an added value.

The materialization of each of the projects we work on is born out of feedback between the customer and the team. On the whole, we have their ideas and those of the best professionals in the online sector, professionals who have a long experience and who have brought many success stories to life.

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