E-commerce marks an indisputable trend in the world, and all forecasts indicate that in the not too distant future most of the world’s consumption will be made through some e-commerce platform or store on-line.

Traditional trade, as it has been known in the twentieth century is changing towards a new paradigm in which the consumer perceives the products, compares prices and purchases from some type of device connected to the Internet. It does not matter the price of the product that is acquired or to which sector it belongs; nowadays you can buy any product through the net, be it a perfume, a kilo of seafood or even a house or a car.

The sooner a firm or company begins to offer its products or services on the network, whether or not it has a physical store, a gap will first be created from which to gain market share to the multitudinous competition.


Opening a hole in the online channel is not easy; According to the latest statistics, a high percentage of electronic stores do not survive their first five years of life. The cause of this failure can be found in the lack of adequate training at the time of undertaking in the field of e-commerce, because in the same way that to open a physical business you need a minimum of training, to give life to An electronic commerce requires very specific and specialized knowledge. Now, are you prepared to enter the universe of e-commerce in a victorious way?

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