The Display & Affiliate Marketing is something very simple, as simple as an agreement between a website and a company that sells items or services through the use of the internet, a commission is paid for each of the sales made through the use of the Web page.

In a simple way, affiliate marketing is to direct traffic from a website or blog to other portals that offer the sale of articles or online services. For the realization of this type of campaigns special links are created that contain a personalized code, this code is registered in the linked portal to identify it as a client that comes from a certain web, so there is no problem whatsoever with the commissions.


With the realization of this type of initiatives, your company will be able to access a large number of websites or specialized blogs in a field closely related to the articles or services it offers, in this way it will have authentic industry gurus as opinion generators.

This practice is much more common than the users believe, since many webs of specialized topics become authentic gateways to increase sales and the relevance of various tools or services. There is nothing better at the time of launching to buy an article than the recommendation of a person specialized in the matter.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we analyze deeply the article or service that the company in question wants to promote, to carry out a detailed investigation about the web pages that suit you best. We inform the company about they intend to do and the desired pages they want to place the article or the service, to get underway as soon as possible: ‘Time is money on the internet’.


Grupo Genyen Online Marketing has extensive experience in THE realization of this type of campaign. Due to professionals in constant training, you can establish those websites or blogs that are at the forefront of the various topics that are sought. For this reason, the company can increase its profitability and the number of buyers in a short time. When it comes to looking for potential consumers and increasing income it is better not to gamble and have the best team.