An online marketing plan is a document that explains, under a certain structure, the business goals that a company, brand or product must achieve in a certain period of time, as well as the online strategies or advertising actions that will be implemented in order to achieve those goals.

The online marketing plan establishes temporary programming of actions and strategies that requires a previous analysis and decision-making, which implies that an online marketing plan is not just another administrative document of the company or institution. Online Marketing gathers the results of market studies, the economic environment, the strengths and weaknesses and, above all, the reflection of professionals specialized in online marketing, a reflection that must always be focused on two questions: the goals to be achieved through the plan implementation and the way to get them through another plan.


The marketing plan is a key strategy to be developed by any company, because it determines its success or failure. Not only does it contribute to the order of action in the marketing and advertising area of the company, but also marketing provides control over the budget, objectives, time of achievement and resources.

A marketing plan is not a pristine document that must be blindly followed, but also a very useful tool when redesigning campaigns and strategies (especially those online), which may not be causing the desired objectives at the scheduled time. Likewise, the online marketing plan helps to optimize the advertising strategies previously undertaken in real-time, which will translate into a higher return on investment.


Among the services offered by TOP10 Digital Marketing Online is the development of the online marketing plan in which the current status of the service or product you offer is described, as well as the results you expect to obtain. Our marketing experts will identify each resource necessary to achieve those objectives and analyze both their weaknesses and threats, as well as their strengths and opportunities.

After carrying out the relevant market studies, the most appropriate online marketing strategies for your company, brand, product or service will be devised and established among all those online.



Unlike other companies, at TOP10 Digital Marketing Online we customize your online marketing plan, because either each project, product or brand is different.

If what you want is to have space in the online sector, the best option is to rely on the experience and wisdom of TOP10 Digital Marketing Online. Despite expressions such as ‘e-commerce’ or ‘online marketing’ are now becoming more prominent, at Genyen Marketing Online we have been working in the sector more than a decade, which undoubtedly constitutes the future of commerce. That is why the best professionals in each of the disciplines we work with are at your disposal

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