For a few months, consumers have been appreciating a trend within public administrations: the computerization of the vast majority of services offered from the autonomous communities or from national institutions. When a consumer wants to learn about anything, they can access corporate websites and find all the relevant information, which makes it necessary to apply online marketing in public administration and public companies.

There are even many public administration offices that have a computer system to alleviate long waits and customize the attention to consumers. An increasing number of users prefers to enter a public administration office website and perform all their red paper from home whenever they want. However, in order to have adequate service to the demand, it is necessary to have a large number of professionals working behind the scenes.


By creating of a corporate web page according to the level and number of users that it is expected to receive daily, the service will be agile and intuitive, allowing all citizens to save time and costs in long waits. The web environment needs constant maintenance and updating so that users have the latest technology at their service.

There are many public administration offices that believe that creating a website is enough, but they are not aware that they have to conduct a marketing campaign parallel to that launch so that users know the services they offer and how they can streamline all their procedures by using this new tool. In addition, if the corporate website is made by real professionals of the sector, the user can perform all their procedures with the blink of an eye without the need for long tutorials or tedious explanations by the administration staff.


At Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, we are aware that the creation and development of a web page for public administration must have a large series of tools and a relevant design to streamline the entire process that will be supported on a daily basis. Therefore, we held several meetings and studies with both parties: the public administration office and the consumer, in order to create a final report that combines the two opinions and offers an equitable and manageable product for daily use.


When it comes to carrying out a project for public administration, you have to choose a company that has the know-how. Therefore, Grupo Genyen Marketing Online is one of the best options with more than ten years of experience in the online field. There are many projects we have done thanks to our large list of professionals. We know what consumers need at all times. Training, creativity and simplicity are our pillars. Any user can access an administrative website without the need to be an expert in the online environment and perform all their procedures in a short period of time: the success of a project depends on the comfort of our users.