The education sector is one of the best examples of new technologies integration. Perhaps, it is because by definition and essence this area must know and learn to handle the new tools and knowledge that emanate from technological advances, or because it is developed thanks to something as basic and human as communication, but the fact is that teaching is one of the sectors that most want to be integrated into the Internet world. In fact, there are few academies, universities, colleges and other educational and training institutions that have no presence on the Internet.

Both private and public educational institutions already report their services, their training offer, enrollment deadlines, evaluation criteria and other types of teaching content via corporate websites or social networks. There are also few who have chosen to offer online teaching to students to better adapt to the citizens’ needs.

For years, the contents of any teaching program, regardless of its academic level, have been part of the so-called ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Therefore, it would be paradoxical that a teaching institution does not lead by example. What are you waiting for?


Any self-respecting company or institution worth should have an online space if what it wants to survive in the new commercial and communicational environment. Through a high-quality corporate website that excels in simplicity, your teaching institution will be able to position itself among the first results of the search engine each time a potential student searches for words related to the training you offer.

Through social networks and other online media, you can provide such a basic, but sometimes as arduous and bureaucratic procedure in the offline environment, such as the information service. But not only do potential students want answers to their questions about something that has not been clear to them, but also those enrolled want to have more direct contact with the educational institution where they study.

In the 21st century, teaching-learning strategies are changing rapidly due to social and technological changes. Nowadays, any educational or training institution has to offer an adequate response to the new needs of students: if your institution does not offer online training, you are likely to be losing a significant number of potential students.


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