An Online Marketing strategy aimed at achieving previously set objectives, which means into a return on investment for our customers.

The obtaining of results is demonstrable due to the advanced measurement of the actions we carry out, which justify both the cost derived from the investment in this action and the return on investment obtained in each of the actions.

In this way, our clients clear their doubts and know the effectiveness of the money invested. Profitable and demonstrable marketing, where the priority is the results.


Increase brand recognition

Generates a database of potential customers.

Increase sales

Increase visits or page views on a website.

Get contacts in certain services on the web.

Create a database of potential customers internationally.

We offer profitable campaigns to our clients, whose effectiveness is measured based on the results.


ROI marketing is a financial indicator that reflects the effectiveness of investment in marketing with respect to the profits of the company, brand or product, that is, with respect to its profitability. ROI refers to the Anglo-Saxon expression ‘return of investment’.

The online environment gives infinite advantages to all those companies and institutions that wish to inform through the network of the products or services that it offers, starting with the implementation of strategies and online marketing campaigns. One of these advantages is related to the measurement of ROI; The Internet offers the possibility of more accurately measuring the ROI of an online campaign thanks to the use of various digital tools.


The marketing ROI indicator offers you the possibility to analyze the success or failure of your advertising campaign on the network in real time. The number of clicks that your ad or publication receives, the number of visits, the analysis of the online reputation or the position that your company, service or product occupies among the Google search results make it possible to qualify and quantify the benefits that your company will obtain, in economic terms, due to the launch of said campaign.

The low investment required by online marketing campaigns combined with their effectiveness, if they are launched and work properly by qualified professionals, achieves that one of the main objectives of any company is reached, increasing and optimizing the ROI.


The new forms of communication in the 21st century have brought new ways of selling and creating brands, and therefore, new tools and marketing strategies that, when used well, can have surprising and very positive effects on the accounting of your company, in the ROI. In Top10 Digital Marketing Online we are specialists in web positioning (SEO), SEM, branding, online reputation, corporate content or architecture, and web design among many others.

The combined work of each discipline will gradually increase the presence of your brand in the network. The more visibility your company has on the Internet, the more likely it is to increase its client or consumer portfolio and, consequently, the more likely it is to increase your ROI.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we do not believe in a magical formula that turns your company or brand into the leader of its sector in record time. A successful online marketing campaign always hides the tireless work of specialized professionals committed to a project. For this reason, Top10 Digital Marketing Online puts at your disposal the best professionals in each discipline, because we understand that specialized work and experience are essential ingredients if you want to achieve excellence.