Top10 Digital is one of the most recognized digital marketing agencies in Spain. It has the experience of more than 17 years working in the field and the expertise of a great well-trained team formed by professionals from different fields: web design, graphic design, SEO, internationalisation…Now, Top10 Digital has landed in Ireland to help your business grow and to achieve your goals. Thanks to globalization, we are all interconnected no matter where we are. It is a great advantage that should be taken into account when thinking about setting up a company to sell products and to offer your services. Why don’t use the opportunities offered by the web? You shouldn’t settle for something simple!

Top10 Digital, your Digital Marketing Agency

Top10 Digital is your Digital Marketing AgencyCommunication and Advertisement. Our Agency has landed in Dublin to offer you a wide range of services. We are a group of professionals and counsellors dedicated to our respective fields.  Top10 Marketing Online is directed by Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO expert in the field of Online Digital Marketing, director of specialized magazines in food marketing and professor in the area of Online Marketing in institutions as ESIC Business & Marketing School, ICEMD o ESTEMA, the European Business School and the European University of Madrid.

Online Creativity

Online creativity is one of the essential elements for a company, when a customer accesses to get information of the services and products offered by a determined trademark, the client expects that everything is well-designed and updated. So, an out-dated and slow design will put the customers off.

Creativity is a set of elements which can attract future clients, and this way, increase your revenues. We should be more creative and moreover, first, we have to think about the things we want to express and how to achieve this mental image of your product before doing anything. For example, if a client enters in a website and finds irrelevant content, bad structure and awful design, they won’t come back. Therefore, Online Creativity is a main element for any company which wants to establish itself in the online environment. It is distinguishing element which get that the clients remember your trademark in a positive way.

More services

So, we are a multidisciplinary Digital Agency who cares about you. Among the different services that we offer, we can help you to elaborate and to execute online Marketing plans, to improve your SEO (web positioning), web development services, web analytics, online internationalisation of your business. Therefore, if you are interested in more services apart from Web Design, we can help you with that. Our more than 17 years of experience and expertise ensure your success!

Creativity in Cork

If you have a service or product related to the city of Cork, you really need inspiration, uniqueness and creativity to stand from the rest of competitors. The city of Cork is in fact “a world by itself” and culture and creativity are deeply linked to the city. The city of Cork has produced many thinkers, creatives and trailblazers, from writers such as Frank O’Connor and Sean O’Faolain to scientists George Boole, Dr Vincent Barry and John Tyndall, revolutionary thinkers Thomas Davis and Terence McSwiney, artists John Barry and Seamus Murphy, opera singers Cara O’Sullivan and Mary Hegarty, and musicians Aloys Fleischmann, Seán Ó Riada and Rory Gallagher. The city of Cork inspires cultural diversity, since we can find many institutions which main purpose is to support all aspects of arts: The Cork School of Music, the Triskel Arts Centre and the Crawford College of Art and Design.

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