What is WordPress?

WordPress can be defined as a Content Management System (CMS) which was released in 2003 and it was focused on the creation and maintaining of any type of website. At the beginning, it was very popular for creating blogs. A blog a type of website, usually maintained by an individual or a small group with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, reviews or other material such as videos. Nowadays, WordPress is used for more things.

Why is WordPress used as the Content management System? 

However, over the years, WordPress has come to be one of the main tools for the creation of specific websites for commercial purposes. In fact, as it has been said before, WordPress is chosen by many web design agencies as the Content Management System (CMS). Why many agencies choose to rely on WordPress? Because it has many advantages such as more than 15 years of experience being free software, stability, easily to use.

What can we create with WordPress?

Blog Creation

This content manager cannot only be used to create blogs, but also as a tool for the creation of business websites, online shops, reservation centres or digital newspapers…Its most famous function is creating blogs. To do so, WordPress incorporates the typical functionalities of any blog, such as the option of adding comments on the posted entries, posting entries with blog format or the possibility of organizing the entries with categories. Moreover, you can also add widgets, which are quite common in blogs, such as lists of blog categories, lists of the records of the most-read-entries, list of your last comments, list of tags, emphasizing always its user-friendliness.

Business Website

WordPress could be perfectly useful to design your business web too. Thanks to the creation of your website, you will be able to transmit everything about your business or company: who you are, which services do you offer, to whom these services are oriented, etc. Thanks to the huge amount of available templates for WordPress, you will be able to create actually different designs for your webpage, including a broad range from a minimalist web design, showing just key information, to a very complete one, showing several data on the screen. You could create different sections in your web so as to properly organize its content. The templates do not only include static pages, just like a blog page would do, thanks to thousands of available plugins that will allow you to add new features to your website such as a contact form, a forum, various directories, etc.

More services offered by a Digital Agency such as Top10 Digital

Top10 Digital is a multidisciplinary Digital Agency who cares about you. Among the different services that we offer, we can help you to elaborate and to execute online Marketing plans, web design, to improve your SEO (web positioning), web development services, web analytics, online internationalisation of your business. Therefore, if you are interested in more services, we can help you with that. Our more than 17 years of experience and expertise ensure your success!

Why Top10 Digital?

Top10 Marketing Digital has more than ten years of experience in website development for the top trademarks in Online Market. Moreover, in our agency, we have a number of professionals with extensive experience and in constant training. All together working in a team will get that your project idea come true for a very economic price and in the shortest time.

Advantages of Top10 Digital

Our Agency is specialized in Hispanic markets since 1992 when Internet arrived in Spain. From that date onwards, we have been playing with SEO and other strategies of marketing planning. Today, we are proud to comment about more than 3,400 terms positioned as the number one in search engines like Google nationally and internationally. Apart from our experience and expertise, we are also based in Spain and Dublin. The expansion of our agency is also the expansion of our passion. Another advantage is the fact that Digital Marketing requires almost no investment, so you will make your business profitable

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