The term ‘loyalty’ in the field of marketing refers to the phenomenon by which a company achieves that its brand; product or service is acquired by a specific public continuously or periodically.

The advertising and marketing strategies that are associated with this concept are widely used in those companies that are mainly oriented towards the customer and their satisfaction. Despite the fact that managers are increasingly convinced that this type of loyalty strategies are ideal if what is desired is to achieve a stable commercial success, at present there are still businesses or brands that market their services or consumer goods through methods oriented exclusively towards the product.

Customer Loyalty

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CRM Strategy

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Email Marketing

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When a company chooses to direct its marketing strategies and campaigns exclusively towards the products or services it offers, it is ignoring the interests, tastes, and needs of its potential consumers, something that should not be overlooked if what is desired is to achieve optimal operation of the company.

Loyalty involves transforming each sale in the drive and motivation of the next, and all to achieve a generic goal: to achieve a lasting and stable relationship between customers or consumers and the company. The consequences arising from this relationship are very advantageous and are related to the ROI and branding of the firm, two essential aspects that determine the success or failure of a business.


Implementing a loyalty plan in a business, whether online or physical, is not easy, because each product, business project or type of customer is different. The loyalty plan that is established for a business that specializes in gloves and mittens, for example, will not resemble anything that is implanted for an online store of organic food products.

Therefore, at Top10 Digital Marketing Online we carry out a preliminary and detailed analysis of the situation of your business, the type of attraction exercised by the products or services you sell on the customer who purchases them, the profile of the potential consumer, etc. The purpose is to create and materialize an effective loyalty plan that optimizes and increases its client base and, therefore, its market share.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we believe that any successful loyalty plan not only involves the analysis of three big questions (How to capture the customer? / How to convince it / how to keep it?), but also it contains the brilliant work of a large creative team that listens, analyzes and idea the best loyalty strategy possible for you and your company. What are you waiting for?