The Anglo-Saxon expression ‘CRM Strategy’ is composed of the acronym CRM, which correspond to the words in English ‘Customer Relationship Management’, and the concept ‘strategy’.

In this sense, the CRM Strategy refers to a customer-oriented business management model, a set of strategies and practices designed to create and maintain a more direct and close contact with customers. The purpose is simply to optimize the products and services offered by the company, based on their tastes and opinions, and thus increase corporate value.


In the 21 century, far away are the traditional shops characterized by a personalized treatment to each of the customers or consumers, customers who were characterized by the loyalty to the brand, company or product. Large supermarkets and multinationals broke into the mid-twentieth century in large cities to gain market share in geographical areas more characterized by tradition. But it is now, when it was believed that the deal with the client should be limited only to commercial exchange, when new forms of online communication have broken into the business world demonstrating that the consumer wants to interact with their favorite brands and flees from depersonalized treatment.

The virality intrinsic to Social Media can be one of the greatest allies of your company; Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube not only give any brand the opportunity to meet the consumer’s opinions in real time, but also allow communication between both parties, urinating a very beneficial feedback that increases the branding and ROI of your company, brand or institution.


Establishing a conversation with the consumer is not limited to creating online content or answering clients’ doubts, but involves a more complex process. For this reason, at Top10 Digital Marketing Online we analyze your communicative situation with customers or consumers and we make a report that includes a CRM Strategy optimization plan whose materialization in the online channel will achieve an increase in the value of your brand and a considerable improvement in your online reputation


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online, we have been listening and talking to our clients for longer than ten years, creating and materializing CRM Strategy plans, because we understand that any business project is due to its customers and consumers.

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