Marketing and advertising world is as changing as a society. The communication field has been subject to an important change of paradigm during the first years of the 21st century: the forms of communication have changed and consequently, also the ways to reach customers, the ways of configuring marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. The digital age has made its way into all sectors, including advertising.

Google AdWords is the Google tool used to create and launch online advertising campaigns for your company or institution. By mastering and making good use of Google AdWords, your ads can appear in a privileged place each time a user searches for a word related to your company, products or services, which can help increase your company’s branding and ROI.


In order to achieve proposed online advertising objectives, Google AdWords should be highly mastered, which requires adequate training by experts in online marketing in general, and particularly in Google AdWords.

At Grupo Genyen Marketing Online, we offer you and your company the theoretical and practical training you need to launch online advertising campaigns via Google AdWords. Our training courses will provide you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to optimize your online advertising investment to the fullest.


The main objective of TOP10 Digital Marketing Online is to satisfy the needs of our customers. Therefore, not only will we put at your disposal the best online teachers with extensive experience, but also we will take into account the importance of key schedules for you and your company. Therefore, our courses and seminars are offered under flexible schedules and levels of difficulty adapted to the needs of companies, and are also taught both face-to-face and online.


At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, we have been working in the online sector for more than ten years, and we have the best team of professionals that any company can have, a human capital that makes up our best value, and not only because they are experts in strategies and tools like Google AdWords, but also because they have a long professional experience as teachers.

We believe in teaching quality, in teaching by using the best pedagogical techniques in order for our students to reach the initial objectives proposed and internalize the theoretical and practical contents in the most entertaining way possible, because the learning process does not have to be arduous. What are you waiting for making your advertising budget profitable?