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Web positioning is one of the main services offered by our digital agency Top10 Digital. How can we define it? Web positioning is the process of modification and optimization of a website with the main purpose of getting a better natural ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. To sum up, thanks to the experience and expertise of our agency in many digital marketing projects, your potential clients will find you in first place instead of finding your competitors.

Top10 Digital

With more than 17 years of experience, Top10 Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in Marketing Online which is based in Spain and Dublin. It is directed by Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO expert in the field of Online Digital Marketingdirector of specialized magazines in food and professor in the area of Online Marketing in institutions as ESIC Business & Marketing School. Our agency is formed by a interdisciplinary team which is specialized in several services such as Web Design, Digital Marketing planning, web positioning, SEO. In Top10, we are experts in Search Engine Marketing from 1992. In 2003, we carried out the first experiments in search engine rankings and in 2004; we got our first terms positioned as number 1 in Google results. Today, we are proud to comment about more than 3,400 terms positioned as the number one in search engines like Google nationally and internationally.  

How can we help you?      

The main purpose and motivation of your business should be getting the maximum returns on your investments in the shortest possible time. The best way to achieve this goal is expanding your business and digital marketing planning to other countries. This way, you will increase your sales and your level of income. How can we help you? When you contact us, Top10 inform you about our methodology and the steps you must follow in order to establish your business in any place in the world. You don’t need long trips or language training, since with our experience and expertise, you will be able to place your products abroad with minimal investment.

Can we help you?

Search Engine Optimization is aimed at hotel chains, restaurants, export companies, law offices, training, sports, leisure activities, construction, domestic appliance or furniture industry, property development companies, security companies, healthcare companies, advertising companies, insurance companies, tourism businesses, company cars, etc.

Is Web Positioning important in Cork?
Nowadays, it is true that does not matter where you live if you have a good product to sell in a well-designed website thanks to the help of marketing plan developed properly. However, Cork is one of the most buzzing cities in Ireland and its importance in terms of commerce and business is undoubted. The increase of companies selling their products has a lot of benefits for the economy of Cork. Apart from this, if you have a product to sell in this market full of competence, it is important to stand out from the rest. The best way to differentiate from your competitors is looking for the help of professionals in the digital marketing sector. We can advice you the best way to increase your sells and attract new clients globally thanks to our strategies and services.

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If you are seriously thinking about strengthen your business sales in a fast and effective way, you will need our help. Our experience and our success have become the main motivation of our work. What are you waiting to become the number one by increasing your profits considerably? You can do it! We will help you, advice you and support you in your process to success.

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