Graphic design is one of the main services offered by our digital agency Top10 Digital. Graphic design is the activity that consists in the creation, programming and projection of different visual communications which are focused on the business activities of different sectors. The main objective is to convey specific messages to specific social groups with a clear and specific meaning.

By carrying out a good graphic design campaign, the company is capable of communicating ideas, facts and values thanks to the usage of different types of forms of communication. If your client had a good and effective graphic design group as the one offered by Top10 Marketing Online, extensive range of proposals could be made. These proposals would have a great quality that would allow the attraction of future consumers and buyers.

Top10 Digital, your Digital Marketing Agency

Top10 Digital is your Digital Marketing AgencyCommunication and Advertisement. Our Agency has landed in Dublin to offer you a wide range of services. We are a group of professionals and counsellors dedicated to our respective fields.  Top10 Marketing Online is directed by Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO expert in the field of Online Digital Marketing, director of specialized magazines in food marketing and professor in the area of Online Marketing in institutions as ESIC Business & Marketing School, ICEMD o ESTEMA, the European Business School and the European University of Madrid.

How can we help you?

There is really nothing new in the fact that a truly company must have a corporate web and certain campaigns in the online marketing world in order to stand out in a crowded market which is getting more and more competitive. For this reason, any of our businesses must have an agency specialized in graphic design in order to become closer to their consumers and to attract them to their services and products. We often say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so in this sense, a good graphic designer can achieve an important goal in Digital Marketing: a product considered as average by consumers can be turned out into a product which stands out from others. This can create significant added value which is difficult to obtain.

Advantages of a good Graphic Design

A good graphic design has a lot of benefits for your business. In Top10 Digital, we can help you with web positioning. By getting a well-designed web site, you will get a better website positioning, that is, you can achieve the goal of positioning your business in the first place in search engines. From a psychological point of view, if you take into account the consumer profile when designing your website, you will have greater possibilities of increasing your sales and online reputation.

How can we do it?

For us, every client is different andevery company is different, so in Top10 Digital, we don’t believe in prefabricated designs but in the originality of each individual project. The texts, the images, the colours and other contents are created exclusively for your business, which in fact, is a challenge and motivation for our website designers.

Graphic design and Cork

Is there any similarity between Graphic design and Cork? The answer is YES, THERE IS! Cork is one of the most buzzing cities in Ireland, and as well as Graphic design, one of the main characteristics of both is creativity. Have you ever wondered how important creativity is? In fact, we could spend hours and hours admiring a work of art at Crawford Art Gallery or the painting in the streets of Cork. However, sometimes, we don’t worry about the “appearance” of our websites, when it’s the first thing that the clients pay attention to. Therefore, it’s extremely important to give a good image to your customers. And, you may be wondering how can I get that? The solution is once again creativity. Your website must be original, outstanding and unique. The best way to achieve this goal is having a good graphic design.

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