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Are you looking for an expert in digital marketing who can help your business grow? Stop looking! Top10 Digital is your Digital Marketing AgencyCommunication and Advertisement. Our Agency has landed in Dublin to offer you a wide range of services. We are a group of professionals and counsellors dedicated to our respective fields.  Top10 Marketing Online is directed by Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO expert in the field of Online Digital Marketing, director of specialized magazines in food marketing and professor in the area of Online Marketing in institutions as ESIC Business & Marketing School, ICEMD o ESTEMA, the European Business School.


So, we are a multidisciplinary Digital Agency which is at your disposal. Among the different services that we offer, we can help you to elaborate and to execute online Marketing plans, to improve your SEO (web positioning), web development services, web analytics, web design, online internationalisation of your business. There are plenty of marketing services that you can find in our digital agency. So, what are you waiting for?


Digital Marketing is our perfect tool to make your project profitable, so you will achieve successful outcomes in the form of clients, sells and brand awareness through appropriate strategic positioning. Our agency also counts with more than 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing which guarantee the success of all of our clients. Therefore, experience is indispensable to offer you the best of services in Digital Marketing Online.


We have another advantage that differ us from the rest of agencies, since we have a team of multilingual members that can understand your needs perfectly and this way, communication between you and our team will be totally assured. Our working group is formed by diverse, experienced and affordable digital experts and creatives. Our group is coordinated to work together to achieve the objectives of our clients and as a consequence, their success. When you contact us, Top10 inform you about our methodology and the steps you must follow in order to establish your business in any place in the world. You don’t need long trips or language training, since with our experience and expertise, you will be able to place your products abroad with minimal investment.


Our Agency in Digital Marketing is also set in Dublin. We fell in love with the island, so we decided to explore the market in more detail. If you are thinking about visiting the “Emerald Island”, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Cork! Ireland is called the Emerald Island because of its rolling green hills and valleys. It’s without no doubt a mystical and magical place where you can enjoy nature. Although Dublin is the most known city, since it is the capital of the island, Cork is also the second biggest city in the island and is a splendid place ready to be discovered.  The more you know about this city, the more you will want to stay in it!


Cork is not only a city where you can find museums and valleys; it is also a cosmopolitan and business city. If you visit , you will realise the great interest in business present in Cork. In fact, more concretely, Cork Digital marketing Awards take place every year as a way to reward the effort and innovative work carry out by Digital Marketing companies.


Cork can be defined as one of the most buzzing cities on the island and there is a wide range of activities you can do there depending on your interests. The city was constructed over the Lee River, so you can enjoy riverside walks. Moreover, if you prefer to visit the great pubs in Cork, you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife of restaurants, bars, music and dancing. Related to music and dancing, you cannot miss the opportunity to attend jazz festivals celebrated in Cork. Don’t worry if you are very keen on art, since you will find unusual museums and vibrant art galleries.

If you are thinking about doing marketing business in Cork, do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt! We will be so pleased to inform you about our services and how we can help you grow your business in Ireland!

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