Content Marketing is an Anglo-Saxon expression that refers to the set of knowledge and marketing strategies related to improving the corporate content of a company, institution or brand. Content Marketing is a discipline that can be developed through various platforms or tools, such as the corporate website, social networks or the blog or blog.

Working with Content Marketing not only involves tasks such as writing and publishing content related to the company, but also those contents must be useful and attractive. Therefore, it is said that Content Marketing also requires other types of skills, such as understanding consumer demands, or the unique creation of very specific and relevant content. One of the most appropriate tools to achieve these goals is the blog.


Content Marketing developed in a blog will help your brand to open an increasingly larger gap in the online universe, as this strategy will increase the visibility of your company or institution as long as the content published in the blog is original, unique, high quality and attractive, among other aspects.

Optimizing the contents and blog posts of your company, institution or brand will also help you to generate interaction with your potential customers. Likewise, it will create a conversation that can translate into an increase in branding and ROI among other aspects, especially if the Content marketing is combined with other online marketing strategies such as Social Media or SEO.


From the first moment you decide to optimize the blog of your company, brand or institution, Top10 Digital Marketing Online will start working on a first report that will gather the analysis of your competitors, both in the online and offline channels, as well as of its potential consumers or customers.

Once we have delivered and explained that report, in Genyen Group Online Marketing we will present a sketch of the blog designed by our designers for your company or brand, as well as a calendar of specific actions.

This unique and original project will reflect the spirit and values ​​of your company, and it will include very specific content weekly in order to work the strengths and opportunities of your company while achieving a greater presence in the network.


Each project we devised in Top10 Digital Marketing Online is unique and original, because they are born under the auspices of their opinions and their business idea.

Anyone can create a blog or company blog, but that this blog receives a considerable number of visits from potential clients. Thus, increasing the branding and ROI, it is not an easy task, since it requires the work of the best professionals, professionals who have a wide experience and who will work as a team to achieve the optimization and increase of their brand through their blog.