Consumer brands are those that focus on research and development to present a series of products or services to consumers that meet all their needs. During the last years, the major consumer brands have seen how distribution brands gain more and more ground and occupy a market share that is starting to be worrisome.

Due to the economic crisis and the fall in the consumers’ purchasing power, many of the most traditional consumer brands have suffered a drop in their sales. However,e-commerce has emerged as a real and very profitable alternative for the major consumer brands.


Smartphones and tablets are causing consumers to change their buying habits and have in their hands a tool to learn about everything they buy on the shelves. According to many studies and famous examples, users rely more on other users’ comments than on the corporate websites of the brands. Therefore, any self-respecting consumer brand must have a good reputation online to sell more.

With the creation, development and subsequent analysis of an online campaign, any consumer brand can enter the Internet and expand its presence to increasingly demanding consumers. E-commerce can be that determining factor in order for the consumer brands to differentiate and compete with distribution brands in a field in which the valuations of the buyers themselves are critical.


At TOP10 Marketing Online, we are aware of the importance of consumer brands for the stability of the natural ecosystem of the market. Therefore, we offer online solutions to different brands. First, we analyze each case individually and in detail to find a unique and independent solution. We are in constant touch with each of the companies to start up a successful campaign that allows the customer to obtain a maximum return on investment.

After launching the campaign, we offer detailed and segmented analytics to all customers, always with an interpretation and a clear and agile explanation, so that objectives can be established and a calendar to fulfill them. For consumer brands, the online environment is one of the most prominent, since it allows analysis and monitoring of everything that is done.


TOP10 Digital Marketing Online has longer than ten years of experience with top-tier consumer brands. We have carried out successful online campaigns for a large number of brands and have increased their profitability in a short period of time. To address the online world, nothing better than having the services of one of the leading companies in the sector.