The expression  ‘Community Manager’ can be translated  as ‘responsible for the virtual community’, and it is used to refer to the person who is responsible for creating and maintaining the brand image in the new means of communication provided by the Internet, also known as Social Media.

Within online marketing, the person designated as Community Manager has the mission of materializing the strategies that social network managers plan, as well as interacting with audiences in order to increase the corporate image of the company or institution in a positive way. and, therefore, also the return on investment. It is a new emerging discipline related to marketing and advertising that any 21st century company should work and cover, given the importance that the online channel has acquired in recent years as a means to reach the consumer or user.


The Internet is a tool used by millions of people around the world. There are several studies and reports that indicate that the consumer is increasingly related to their favorite brands through the Internet in general, and social networks in particular. Through these platforms, consumers participate in games, special promotions or contests. In short, social networks encourage interaction between the brand and the consumer.

To this fact is added the advantage that Social Media are perfect tools to reach a greater number and variety of public, a public full of potential consumers who might never get to know their products or services if it were not for the work of the Community Manager.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we study each case or project that come to our company. Once this indispensable task of market analysis is done, our Community Managers will create a timeline and generate content appropriate to their case on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube among others.

These previously programmed contents will be monitored at all times in order to attract the potential consumer in such a way that the social profiles of your company, institution or brand become indispensable for users.


Nowadays, a company that does not work to have a presence in the virtual environment is doomed to failure. Thus, that your brand or company does not have a profile in social networks could mean a considerable loss of customers soon, it can mean invisibility in the eyes of the consumer.

In Genyen Marketing Online Group we have ten years of experience in the various disciplines that make up the field of marketing in the network of networks, as well as the success of each project, worked during that time, aspects that make us the best the possible options.

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