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Viral marketing refers to all those marketing actions whose objective is to exponentially increase the brand and which expand among our target in a way similar to that of a computer virus using the effect of social networks as support. Other times, concealed marketing campaigns are used creating confusion and expectation designed to create the “Worth of Mouth” effect colloquially called “word of mouth”. The success of this type of campaign is due to a relatively low cost of the campaign reaching a large audience. From Top10 Digital Marketing Online, we have developed viral marketing campaigns that, starting with “YouTube”, managed to reach national television through the so-called “mouth to mouth” effect.



Viral Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves reaching the consumer or user quickly and through word of mouth or buzz marketing an advertising campaign that in most cases, but not always, is disguised. Adverts or viral campaigns should be fun or surprising, and they usually acquire videos, images or games, although they can also be made up of text.

This strategy, so used in recent years by companies and brands, is based on taking advantage of the advantages offered by the Internet and its new means of mass communication, such as social networks, with the aim of increasing the recognition and value of the brand. As its name suggests, Viral Marketing acts in the same way as a virus, that is, it feeds on contagion, the sharing of the same information or campaign through social networks and other means of the online channel.


The investment requires the creation of a Viral Marketing campaign is very low with respect to the benefits that can be obtained if it is successful. With limited economic means and a lot of creativity, you can achieve amazing results.

By using the online environment to develop, Viral Marketing makes it possible for a campaign or ad to reach a very high speed at a high number of users and potential customers located anywhere in the world and, therefore, that the knowledge and value of its brand in the fields both online and offline increase quickly. In this sense, we must never forget that the human being is a social being and, as such, everything that happens on the web has a reflection in reality, and vice versa.

Besides, we have to add another advantage, and Viral Marketing allows you to measure, quantify, assess and analyze certain aspects related to consumer behavior that cannot be observed so directly and clearly with other types of strategies or tools. This information will help you improve and redirect the decision making inherent in your company, institution or brand.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we offer personalized treatment to our clients at all times, and we study each case in detail. After writing a report that includes market studies, strengths, weaknesses and other aspects related to your company or institution, we will propose several viral campaign ideas created exclusively for you and your brand.


Viral Marketing is a strategy increasingly used by both leading firms and small businesses due to the great advantages it offers. At Top10 Digital Marketing Online, we put on your disposal the creativity of the best professionals in the field, because when you launch a campaign of these characteristics is not enough to know how to use the available online media- Nonetheless, the most important ingredient is the originality of an idea, an originality that springs from restless minds that will make your brand open an important gap in the online sector.