‘Branding’ is an Anglo-Saxon term that refers to the process of creating and building a corporate or institutional brand within the field of marketing. To carry out this mission, which is one of the most important when it comes to achieving the business objectives of the company, branding uses a series of tools and strategies that contribute to building the whole of the brand, giving it value.

The brand or branding is more than just a name and a logo. Marketing experts point out five constituent elements of branding: ‘naming’, which is the name given to the process of creating the brand name, corporate identity, positioning, loyalty and architecture of the brand. Each of these elements must be worked in a detailed manner and always under the same global identity, one that reflects the values ​​and image of your company or institution.


The creation of a brand is something intrinsic to any company or institution that boasts. Branding is not an option that the owner or manager of a certain entity has, but it is an obligation. The brand will help you to publicize your products or services, but it will also help your consumers or customers obtain a panoramic view of what products or services they offer, how they are offered, what values ​​they work for and why.

Working with branding does not just mean giving your company or institution a name and a logo, but those two aspects must be built on a set of values ​​that reflect what your business is like. In this sense, the most important thing of branding is that it brings difference; surely there are hundreds of businesses that market or offer products or services similar to those you offer. In this sense, a proper branding construction can make your company the public’s favorite, the one that stands out over the others, which would contribute to obtaining better economic returns.


At Top10 Digital Marketing Online we have been working on branding for more than a decade; The business success of our clients finds its justification in the individual and detailed treatment that we offer them.

At first, our team of expert professionals will make a diagnosis based on the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your company, as well as relevant market studies. Once the initial situation is analyzed, we will design an action plan whose materialization will conclude with the construction and maintenance of your company’s branding.


Building a brand requires more than a university degree in marketing; it requires creative professionals who are enthusiastic about each new project that comes to them. Thus, in Genyen Group Online Marketing we have a team whose aim is to make your company unique and inimitable in the eyes of the consumer or customer.