Advertising is the set of communicational strategies developed through any means of communication aimed to increase users’ consumption or awareness of a particular product or service.

Advertising is a communicative tool as old as the origin of the company and is nourished by something as human as creative capacity. Many years have passed since the creators of products would go out to the street to make known the benefits of what they commercialized among citizens. However, with the arrival of mass media in the 20th century (radio and television), the world of advertising took a giant step that allowed us to perfect techniques, segment or launch more versatile campaigns among long etcetera. Even so, few people at that time suspected the advantages that the future and its technological advances would bring to the advertising field, advantages that are now available to any company that enters the online channel. Are you missing out this opportunity?

Display & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is like having lifelong commercials. You pay them for what they sell, we make it profitable, and you get the best business partners. ver más

Digital Advertising

Online Advertising must be effective, creative, appealing and achieve the objectives for which it was created. It is a teamwork of Creativity and Digital Marketing. ver más

Google Ads

It is not about paying for appearing in Google, but about paying Google to win, about making your investment in Google Adwords profitable. Contact us to win. ver más

Press Advertising

We analyze the mass media, your visits, your metrics for you to advertise only where you can get results. Make your advertising profitable. ver más


By launching advertising campaigns, you will promote your brand, company or institution to a specific population niche whose members are considered leads. So far, you had the possibility to advertise in local, regional or national mass media, such as newspapers, radio stations or television channels. The biggest drawback of this type of advertising is that it requires a high investment that increases depending on the audiences of the media and the type of audience.

The 21st century’s technological advances have given rise to new mass media related to the online channel; blogs, social networks, portals or web pages, among a long etcetera, they are some of the new Social Media that the network of networks puts at your disposal for you to make your product or service known to users.

Not only will you be able to publicize the benefits of your products or services with a low investment to an audience full of leads, but also will have the opportunity to get to know your customers better, to know their opinions, to redesign campaigns in time real in terms of the answers obtained in the network, as well as to target a wider audience, among a wealth of advantages.


The Internet offers a unique range of possibilities to advertise a product, service or brand. Therefore, it is key is to analyze the type of consumer they are targeted, as well as determining the best option or options for your project. At TOP10 Digital Marketing Online, nothing is fortuitous; each campaign, advert, communicational action that is launched on the Internet hides the hard and detailed work of our best capital, a group of professionals who will contact you, who will listen to your opinions and contributions to give life to a unique and successful project, yours and that of your company or brand.


Using the Internet for advertising purposes entails a series of risks for all those users who are not real professionals of the sector. Due to our more than a decade working in the field of Internet marketing, Genyen Group Online Marketing is the perfect option for all those companies and institutions that want to entrust their project to highly-qualified professionals who do not settle for meeting certain objectives, but also guarantee advertising success.

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